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Over many years of wear and tear being constantly exposed to the elements can take its toll on a roof exposing any weakness in the fabric of the roof covering. This gradual process eventually resulting in water ingress potentially causing damage to your property and contents inside. 
This is why Robinson Roofers are at hand. To provide you with a honest efficient and above all cost effective solution. We currently live in a world that demands a quick instant fix, however depending upon the cause of the water ingress this sometimes can potentially snowball into a more expensive time consuming repair or in worst cases structural work. We aim and take pride in the fact that we have  a 99.9% success rate of providing a permanent fix to all your roofing problems.

Our knowledge backed by our skill ensures not only will we get straight to the source of water ingress but we will solve it with a permanent solution. Of course key factors such as cost comes into play but by getting to the root of the problem 1st time round and providing a 1 year guarantee on our repairs.

We will save you from the long procedure of ongoing temporary solutions most other companies provide, costing you sometimes as much as a new roof. This is why we aim to deliver a honest professional, quality cost effective solution to all our customers.

Asides from our repairs we also provide a renovation service. Sometimes it's not always necessary to replace a whole roof given that most roofs that are new or old generally suffer from the same weaknesses.

We can provide services from a general overhaul replacing a few tiles/ slates some pointing to a full renovation tackling any weaknesses e.g new lead flashings new ridge or hips, valley replacements.

Renovation will provide your roof with a new lease of life preserving the longevity of your roof.

Saving you money on a completely new roof. Some roofs just need some TLC.

Once a full renovation is carried out why not check out one of our bespoke maintenance plans  providing even more cover for your home 

Booking your free no obligation quote is easy ... Either book your appointment online here, call one of our friendly advisers on 01322 927 621 or fill out our contact form and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

We are so confident in our roofs that we offer a 10 year guarantee* on all new roofs completed by Robinson Roofers to give you that added peace of mind
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Questions and Answers

How do I book a free no obligation quote?

You can book your free no obligation quote appointment in 3 easy ways:


  1. Conveniently book your appointment yourself by clicking here. 

  2. Call 01322 927 621 and speak with one of our friendly advisers.

  3. Fill out our contact form and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

You will receive your quotation within 48 hours of your survey.

How do I accept my quote and how long does it take for the works to start?

We often get booked up in advance especially at particular times of the year, so it is always best to secure your preferred works start date with a deposit. This will guarantee that the works will start at a time convenient to you. Deposit and payment details will be included within your quotation.

My roof is leaking, do I need a new roof?

Not necessarily. If you have noticed a recent leak you may just need a simple repair. Robinson Roofers offer repairs to your roof which are a completely affordable solution to fixing your issue.


If you have a few leaks which have been ongoing, this could have caused some internal damage which could mean a complete re roof. Simply give us a call and would be delighted to come and take a look.

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