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Sheet Lead is an absolute show piece when it comes to roof coverings. This highly malleable and versatile material is capable of lasting well in excess of 100+ years.

Because of its malleability this allows highly skilled Roofers such as ourselves to shape and form all kinds of details using traditional methods called Bossing and a slightly later method known as lead welding.


These methods dating as far back to the Romans some techniques we are sure are still in use today. Both methods produce not only beautiful aesthetics they also provide potentially a life time of protection that can also be over 90% recycled. How many materials can boast of that!

Whether it be a simple lead flashing or a larger project such as a flat roof, Robinson Roofers have the knowledge and skill to carry out specialist Sheet Lead work.

Some areas such as conservation areas will specify the use of this material, preserving not only the building but it's heritage. These works require  great skill and precision Robinson Roofers are among the best trying to preserve the traditional trade.

Sheet lead not only looks the part it out performs any other product on the market given the life expectancy it is also a cost effective roofing material.

Please enjoy some our photos from works we have carried out demonstrating a beautiful material below.

Booking your free no obligation quote is easy ... Either book your appointment online here, call one of our friendly advisers on 07799173717 or fill out our contact form and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

We are so confident in our roofs that we offer a 10 year guarantee* on all new roofs completed by Robinson Roofers to give you that added peace of mind
Specialist Lead Work Gallery

Questions and Answers

How do I book a free no obligation quote?

You can book your free no obligation quote appointment in 3 easy ways:


  1. Conveniently book your appointment yourself by clicking here. 

  2. Call 01322 927 621 and speak with one of our friendly advisers.

  3. Fill out our contact form and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

You will receive your quotation within 48 hours of your survey.

How do I accept my quote and how long does it take for the works to start?

We often get booked up in advance especially at particular times of the year, so it is always best to secure your preferred works start date with a deposit. This will guarantee that the works will start at a time convenient to you. Deposit and payment details will be included within your quotation.

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